Daily Chat Thread for April 15th

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Daily Chat Thread for April 15th Empty Daily Chat Thread for April 15th

Post by LuvNStuff on Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:18 pm

We all make mistakes and today is the day designated to recognize and appreciate the value of that little plug (as manufacturers call them) that sits atop our pencils.
Make no mistake, Rubber Eraser Day celebrates the invention of erasers. When we make a mistake, they are the big "cover-up", make that eraser, of our booboo or faux pax. Just imagine how messy our documents would be without it! Could you imagine working out long math problems and not being to erase? When you are brainstorming and jotting down all those wonderful ideas trying to remember if I comes before E or E before I after C, so you just try one and if it doesn't work, erase it and use the other one. Why not just call it "Eraser Day"? The first erasers were made of rubber. Today, they are made of rubber, or vinyl.

Awesome Eraser day set up ahead!!! Like a Star @ heaven

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